New Book :)


New book came, The c++ programming language by Bjarne Stroustrup.





Honours Degree


I wanted to write a post about the difference between what a  honours degree means in different countries .Having recently competed a Honours Bachelor of Science in computer games development in Ireland I am looking to start my career in the industry.My main search for work is in Ireland and the UK, the thing is my degree means different things in each countries.

I wanted to write this post to clear up a few things for employers and follow graduates.

While all Course’s will have different subjects In Ireland and Scotland an honors degree is 4 years and in England and wales it is 3 years.Similarly a ordinary degree  is 3 years and two years.

In Ireland  the National Framework of Qualifications (NFQ) is used to compare and contrast the   level and standard of different qualifications. For example in Ireland a honours bachelor degree is a level eight , in Scotland it is a level 10 and in England , Wales and northern Ireland it is a level 6 so it’s important to be aware of the different levels used to measure qualifications.

I got this information  from a leaflet by  the UK and Ireland qualifications authorities to help cross reference the qualifications frameworks in the UK and Ireland . It  is really useful and can be found in PDF form here.

As for grading of degrees it is very similar with 1st , 2:1 and 2:2 all meaning the same thing except in Ireland between 40% and 50% of a Honours Degree is a known as a Pass while in the UK it is a 3rd.

I hope this was helpfully, please let me know if you have any questions or suggestions to make this post better.








Update/Portfolio coming soon


Just an update of what’s going on. I’m currently adding a portfolio section to the website that will have the work of done as part of my degree and work placement. After that I plan to work on some new games, I’m going to take what I learned from my final year project using Project Anarchy and start a new game. I also plan on making some simple games using Corona2D.




Sky Adventure – A 3D Adventure/puzzle game for ios iPad built using Havok Project Anarchy

Sky Adventure is an Adventure game with puzzle elements built for iPad. The game is third person and in 3D. The player explores the level solving puzzles using the items in their inventory. The levels have many physics based elements, sound effects and particle effects.
Technologies Used
C++,Lua, Project Anarchy, xCode,Visual Studio 2010, Windows, Mac, ios,Jira,Github

Erasmus Intentensive Programme in Serious Games


I wanted to write something on the amazing two weeks I’ve had as part of the Erasmus IP program.


What is the Erasmus IP program.

Erasmus IP is a EU funded program involving 4 colleges from across Europe.Hogeschool van Amsterdam (Netherlands),Fachhochschule Vorarlberg GmbH (Austria), Hogskolen i Sor-Trondelag (Norway) and I.T. Carlow (Ireland).

Quote  from Erasmus IP website

“Each year 60 computing students (15 from each partner college) and 8 lecturing staff (2 from each partner) gather at the host college for two weeks to develop prototype serious games relating to industrial safety and training. The sixty students are divided into 8 groups. Each group is an international mix of game designers, software developers and digital artists. The groups work in conjunction with an industrial partner to develop prototypes serious games for the purposes of safety education or training or other uses on behalf of the industrial partner.”

IP 2014- IT Carlow

So this year my college(IT Carlow) are the host. I will admit I was disappointed we didn’t get to go to a new country.But  was excited to meet loads of new people and work in different teams.I am very interested in travel and and cultures so getting to know people from different country I’ve never been to was lots of fun.

My Team – Team Phi


We were divided into teams made up of people from different countries, two from  Norway and Ireland, three from the Netherlands and one from Austria.  The first day was getting to know each other and getting are room set up for the next two weeks.


First it was important to decide on software and process to use. So we talked about what people were used to using . We all had a preparation week in our own college to make demos using Unity , so we choose Unity as we all had experience with it and all were most comfortable scripting in c#.We were also asked to use Github and Jira for the project. We had all used github  before so there was no problems using it. Only me and my other teammate from my college had used Jira so we set it up and showed the rest of our team how to use it.We also set up a physical task management system with post it notes on the wall. We made user stories and tasks and we out on the board which we divided into To do, In Progress, Review and Done. I hadn’t used the review method (getting another team mate to review your code before moving the task to the done section)before but I found it really helpfully and would use it again in the future.

Games Pitch

After a trip to the Irish Air Corps where we given a more detailed description of the kind of game they where looking for.We were asked to come up with two game pitches to present to members of the Irish Air Corp. The team discussed ideas for games and split into two to work on flesh out each one.The first idea was playing as someone working in the Air Corps. The second was a management simulation . I worked on the second idea and presented it. I did get a little nervous when it came to the presentation  it was in front of sixty people including members of the Air Corps.But it went really well they loved are second idea of management simulation, they said we hit the nail on the head and got exactly  what they were asking.So after the presentation we decided to go ahead with the second idea.


We only had four days of development so we knew there was no way we could ever get all the things we wanted in the game.So prioritizing tasks was very important early on.  The main worry of our game was getting the back end logic and GUI to communicate and work together.To help with this we did a lot of pair programing and talking  to each other. when  I was working on backend logic and needed to get data from a gui slider it was important to talk to the person who was making the slider. It worked really well and there was no major problems.The only problem was time we and the rest of the teams just didn’t have enough time to build a full game so they were all more prototypes.


We had a power point presentation and play testing of our game with the other students and the people from the Air Corps. After the play test the Air Corps and lecturers sat down to review are work and decide on the awards to be given.My Team came second in the Best Game category and won the Team Spirit award.

I had a great time getting to know the other students and made a lot of friends  I will keep in contact with. I learned a lot about  working for an outside client and team work.