European(including UK) Intenship


I’ve applied for the EURES EYE scheme which supports paid placements abroad. With this I would be able to take an unpaid internship outside Ireland which up to this point I simply haven’t been able to afford. This is very exciting but I have to find a game studio first.

The  scheme is for 6 to 12 months starting September/October. I should be getting some money from the scheme so I will be asking no money from the company.

If you’re interest , here is a little about me, I am a game programmer with a degree in computer games development.I love playing and making games. I am very hard working and eager to grow as a programmer and learn more.I am interested in going to new places sadly English is my only language but I am very willing to try and learn a new language.

For more information on projects please look at my portfolio on this website




Project Echo – Game Dev Blog 1


So this is the first game development blog for my new Project, Project Echo.

Final Year Project

I worked with Project Anarchy to develop my Final Year Project Sky Adventure .I learned so much as a developer from working with this software.Working with a 3D C++ engine and industry standards like Havok Physics and AI was a great learning tool.While this is a great software there were difficulties the software was still in beta and quite overwhelming for one person. While I was done design, UI, and some animation I am predominantly a programmer. I wasted a lot of time in the beginning trying to export models,rig models and set up lighting. In the end I ending up using assets from the Project Anarchy examples.

Goals for Project Echo

Learning from my mistakes my goals are to concentrate on gameplay and writing good code.I don’t have a plan as to publish to iOS or Android at the moment. My main goal is to be become a better programmer. Having just graduated I have found that with college project it  can become all about ticking boxes and just getting something working. This is a private project I am doing to help me grow as a programmer I want it to be more quality over quantity. I want to focus on inheritance, multithreading and really efficient code.

Where to start?

Well I am working on a design document to flesh out idea and get a clear picture of the game . Having made a game with Project Anarchy before I now have a much better idea of what I can do with the software, this will make designing the game I lot easier this time.

I ‘ll try and update once a week 🙂