Project Echo Blog 2 – Set up

So this week I begin  by downloading the newest version of Project Anarchy ( with rural Ireland internet downloading anything takes ages 😦 ) Now the last time I worked with Project Anarchy  it was at least 3 updates ago. So after ignoring the readme because I’d made projects in this loads of time. I quickly released (after searching in vain for RUN_ONCE batch file) setting up projects had changed. So readme to the rescue! New vGameSolutionCreator(does what it says on the tin) creates a new template project for windows, android etc, no copy and pasting needed, This is a good improvement in the latest updates.

Now I have the skeleton of a  project, now to run it and error :|, After going to worse case I haven’t installed properly. I see the obvious , visual studio has the wrong start up project. The template project  solution consists of two projects , one the game app with main.cpp that loads the plugins, two the game plugin where all the game logic will be. So the game app is what runs and if loads the game plugin.

So now I have a working project I gonna get hid of some of the stuff I don’t need (my component , template action) and I set up a git hub.

My project is currently a camera, a plane and some terrible drawings in a notepad.

So after a week I’ve learned always read the readme and don’t overlook the obvious 😀




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