What I’m working on now

So you’ve probably noticed  there hasn’t been a Project Echo blog update in a while(I was a little ambitious with the weekly update goal) I have worked on it a little, set up inheritance for characters, and trying to get my head around multithreading in the vision engine. Most of my time has been taken up with a new game I’m programming for.

The game I’m programming for is a kids game for Android. It came about when I met a game designer at the European Women in Games Conference who was looking for a programmer. It is in early stages so I won’t go into too much detail. From a programming  point of view It’s a 2D game made in Unity. I’ve worked in Unity before but never 2D . It’s great to work with an artist and designer as I can just program and not worry about finding sprites online.I’m coding in C#. It’s going quite well. I have some good gameplay basics done. I have a level builder that I’m quite happy with, it is reading information in from a text file and creating the level. This did cause some problems when first deploying to Android but changing to a TextAsset fixed that. I’ve just finished the joystick control on Android. Next thing to do is create a Game Manager. Coming  from game development degree when building a game step one was always create a Game Manger, somewhere to update the game world, manage levels , progress etc.With Unity I lot of things are done for you in the background and with changing scenes I wasn’t sure how to go about having never done it in unity before.From reading up the best approach seems to be using a Singleton class, so that ‘s what I’m working on now.

The new Unity  game is what I’m spending most of my time on now but I will still be working on Project Echo and as always looking to get a job in the games industry.Will keep updating on all.

Cheers 🙂



Project Echo Blog 2 – Set up

So this week I begin  by downloading the newest version of Project Anarchy ( with rural Ireland internet downloading anything takes ages 😦 ) Now the last time I worked with Project Anarchy  it was at least 3 updates ago. So after ignoring the readme because I’d made projects in this loads of time. I quickly released (after searching in vain for RUN_ONCE batch file) setting up projects had changed. So readme to the rescue! New vGameSolutionCreator(does what it says on the tin) creates a new template project for windows, android etc, no copy and pasting needed, This is a good improvement in the latest updates.

Now I have the skeleton of a  project, now to run it and error :|, After going to worse case I haven’t installed properly. I see the obvious , visual studio has the wrong start up project. The template project  solution consists of two projects , one the game app with main.cpp that loads the plugins, two the game plugin where all the game logic will be. So the game app is what runs and if loads the game plugin.

So now I have a working project I gonna get hid of some of the stuff I don’t need (my component , template action) and I set up a git hub.

My project is currently a camera, a plane and some terrible drawings in a notepad.

So after a week I’ve learned always read the readme and don’t overlook the obvious 😀



Project Echo – Game Dev Blog 1


So this is the first game development blog for my new Project, Project Echo.

Final Year Project

I worked with Project Anarchy to develop my Final Year Project Sky Adventure .I learned so much as a developer from working with this software.Working with a 3D C++ engine and industry standards like Havok Physics and AI was a great learning tool.While this is a great software there were difficulties the software was still in beta and quite overwhelming for one person. While I was done design, UI, and some animation I am predominantly a programmer. I wasted a lot of time in the beginning trying to export models,rig models and set up lighting. In the end I ending up using assets from the Project Anarchy examples.

Goals for Project Echo

Learning from my mistakes my goals are to concentrate on gameplay and writing good code.I don’t have a plan as to publish to iOS or Android at the moment. My main goal is to be become a better programmer. Having just graduated I have found that with college project it  can become all about ticking boxes and just getting something working. This is a private project I am doing to help me grow as a programmer I want it to be more quality over quantity. I want to focus on inheritance, multithreading and really efficient code.

Where to start?

Well I am working on a design document to flesh out idea and get a clear picture of the game . Having made a game with Project Anarchy before I now have a much better idea of what I can do with the software, this will make designing the game I lot easier this time.

I ‘ll try and update once a week 🙂