Glow – Sprint 1

Quick update on a kids game I am coding.

Glow it a project being made in our spare time but I decided for me it would be better to treat it as much like a work project as I can and start doing sprints.So I  started using git hub even though I’m the only coder it really is better and a good habit to get into. In university we had used Jira to track issues and bugs, since it’s just me I stared my using post it notes but they just fell down a lot now I  am using yodiz, it’s free for teams up to 3 .I really recommend it, it’s free easy to use and has everything you need.

I just finished Sprint one. I mainly worked on UI, honestly I am a logic code person so UI is not my strong point. I started the sprint by updating my project  to unity 5 , much to my surprise the update went well and everything worked.Unity 5 has a whole new UI system, I actually like it a lot more then the old one but there isn’t as much help online. So after some swearing and reading the unity manual on designing UI for multiple resolutions about 20 times, I am happy with the positioning on the Android devices I was able to test on(so far). The next big thing was the controls I had joystick controls but after feedback from people it was clear the joystick was not right. So we now  have a d-pad, It works pretty well but will need from feedback from tester to see.

I will be starting my next sprint next week after a get feedback on sprint one. I am looking forward to sprint 2 as will be back to doing more coding, gonna work on the enemy AI, which will be  fun(when it works )and horrible(when it doesn’t work).

Will do another update as soon as I can



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